A simple recipe for making lamb kebab

Dhani kebab Kebab holds a special place in Indian cuisine and it is possible to see the influence of Mughal culture on the cultural heritage of India’s culinary while introducing this excellent taste of lamb. It is easily an indispensable part of Mughal and Awadhi cuisine . Lamb is a savory and delicious kebab that can be prepared for special occasions and festivals. 

Boiled and delicious recipe 

Dhani kebab

This is a delicious boiled recipe that can be prepared with minced lamb, chopped onions, green peppers, rice flour and salt. On the ground, if you want to make your kebabs healthier, boil the lamb chops with a pinch of salt and turmeric. Once the meat is boiled, the impurity and the adulterer are discharged in the lamb. You can wash the lamb chops in ice water, which maintains the true taste and consistency of the lamb.


 You can go through this step if you are using ground and roast lamb. What’s more, if you are a fan of kebabs , and end up ordering the nearest restaurant, then don’t miss trying this dish at home. No wonder it’s so humble to attract nutrition from local restaurants, but you don’t easily know what’s behind the plate. 


So always give advice to prepare it at home. The best thing about making these delicious dishes at home is that you can keep an eye on the versatility and size of the ingredients used. If you like the smell of garlic, you can fry a limited number of garlic and mix it with ground and ground lamb, this will add delicious flavor to your homemade kebab recipe. What’s more, you can also roll this kebab recipe in paratha or roti and make a nice home made kebab roll with a selection of spices. 


Perfect for that simple lamb kebab with tomato mint sauce, or dips or appetizers with elaborate lunch / dinner risotto. These classic delights can be made even more creamy and flavorful by applying them with a bit of fresh cream and chopped green chillies.


How to make Dhani kebab

Step 1

To prepare delicious lamb kebab, peel the onion and chop it in a bowl. Make a paste of green peppers by crushing it in a mortar and pestle. Following this, chop the lamb chops and mash them, except that if you have already chopped up the pureed and ground meat, you can easily follow this step.


Step 2

For now, take a cool box and add the minced and mashed Dhani kebab with chopped onions, mashed green pepper paste, rice flour and salt. Mix all the ingredients together and set aside for forty minutes. Let the lamb absorb the spices. If you want to keep it hot, you can add a little black pepper powder or red pepper powder.


Step 3

Then the Kadai landed on a light flame and heated up refined oil. You can also use margarine, if you want to make these kebabs in the classic way. On the other hand, after marinating the mutton mixture, take equal parts of the mixture and make balls with them. Roll them out and dip in very hot oil.


Step 4

Keep the flames falling. Let these flat kebabs fry until golden brown. Drain extra oil and serve hot with tomato mint sauce and sliced ​​onions. You can also serve it with lemon slices.


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