Erectile dysfunction cure erectile dysfunction naturally

Erectile dysfunction, in this topic we will talk about a problem that some men face,

 is the inability to reach or maintain a full erection sufficiently to complete a sexual encounter,

It is a common disorder that occurs to all men of all ages,

And if it happens from time to time, this is normal and should not be a cause for concern,

But if it is persistent, it may leave complications not on the owner but on the other side, that is, the life partner.

What leads to destabilization of the marital relationship.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction are due to several reasons, such as stress and anxiety, which makes thinking and a sense of fear in the failure of the sexual relationship, depression and its treatments have a major role in the decrease in sexual desire, the incidence of diabetes, heart disease and arteriosclerosis lead to erectile dysfunction because blood is not pumped into the penis naturally,

If the problem is continuous without knowing the cause, it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Treat erectile dysfunction naturally

Some men prefer natural ways to solve erectile dysfunction problems.

Like many diseases, there are natural ways to treat it, but it comes down to the same situation, treating erectile dysfunction with natural methods such as alternative medicine and eating some herbs,

Such as eating red ginseng, the Chinese goat pods herb, the African yohimbe herb, and also drinking coffee helps treat erectile dysfunction.


Treating erectile dysfunction with honey 


Honey is considered a natural and beneficial source for human health in general.

It also treats many diseases and also impotence, because it contains important natural nutrients and useful for the human body, such as vitamins,

Like vitamin E, vitamin B and zinc, there are recipes with honey for treating ED, some of which we will mention.

Honey, eggs and carrots 


These three components carry many vitamins and minerals that work on blood flow in general,

And it works to treat erectile dysfunction in particular,

Mix two tablespoons of honey with half a boiled egg with half a cup of grated carrots and mix them well,

Take this mixture once daily for a maximum of one month.

Which increases sexual desire and treats erectile dysfunction.

Honey and ginger


Ginger has many benefits for treating some diseases,

Including treatment of erection, here this happens by mixing two tablespoons of honey with the extract of a piece of ginger,

But this mixture must be consumed three times daily for no more than a month, to obtain tremendous and effective results.

Honey and walnuts

Walnut is one of the beneficial natural elements rich in safety acids,

By taking it with honey, it can enhance the production of nitric oxide.

Which helps expand blood vessels and veins, by eating honey with walnuts on a daily basis,

Followed by drinking a glass of milk to get effective results.

Nigella sativa and honey

Nigella sativa or black seed, known since ancient times for its wonderful magical benefits to the human body,

Among its benefits is the treatment of male diseases,

Here, the black seed with honey is a natural antioxidant and helps increase sexual desire,

It works to treat general body weakness, especially erectile dysfunction,

Eat one tablespoon of honey with the appropriate amount of black seed every morning.

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