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Healthy meals for pregnant women

Healthy meals for a pregnant woman It is usual for the stage of pregnancy to be characterized by an improvement in appetite and preparedness towards eating a lot of food, especially leisure times such as holidays and the lack of procedures that occupy women.
Here is the challenge to eat more intelligent food.
So that it provides the necessary nutritional components for the mother and fetus, and protects the pregnant woman from gaining excess weight that may have health consequences while in the aftermath;
That is why we are dealing with in this article ten healthy snacks for pregnant women that can be prepared at home, and are characterized by containing only two hundred – three hundred calories, as they are rich in nutrients.

 Yogurt with nuts and fruits

A healthy meal for a pregnant woman is a mug of simple-fat yogurt, with the addition of 1-2 tablespoons of the small size of nuts to add protein and fiber to the eater, near a few fruits such as berries, chopped peaches, or raisins.
As it is necessary to eat low-fat dairy foods 3 times every day throughout pregnancy, and this is to save calcium for the bones and teeth of both the mother and the fetus.

An egg on a slice of toast

1 egg, beaten or browned on a thin plate of toasted whole grain bread.
It is possible for these snacks to provide the body of a pregnant woman with vitamin (D) in addition to choline.
Vitamin D is one of the essential nutritional compounds during pregnancy, as it supports the growth of bones and teeth and strengthens the immune system of the fetus. Choline contributes to modifying the fetus’s brain and helps prevent malformations.

 A sandwich of tuna

1/2 sandwich of light tuna, rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which help the fetus’s brain.
The effect of using wholegrain bread that includes extra tissue to treat pregnancy constipation.

 Oven Baked Sweet Potato Chips

He cuts off the sliced ​​sweet potato and bakes it in the oven until crispy.
Then squirt these chips with cinnamon powder.
This dish has the advantage of containing a smaller amount of sodium and fat than classic potato slices.
It also includes fiber, potassium, and vitamins (A), (C) and (B6).

 Apple crackers and peanut butter

Scrape one 1-2 tablespoon of natural peanut butter over the apple slices, and apply them to whole grain crackers or cookies.
This snack gives protein, fiber and healthy fats.
Beside a feeling of fullness and satiety between basic meals.

 Cheese and nuts

A minimal dish of cheese and nuts is a light snack rich in energy, protein and fiber.
Except that requires choosing strong cheeses such as Cheddar, Al-Ijada and Al-Asala, Edam, Parmesan, or Swiss cheese,
And go away from soft cheeses, which may contain Listeria microbe that could harm an unborn baby. 

 A banana and wheat germ

Bananas are rich in calories, just as they contain tissues, potassium, and vitamins (B6) and (C).
When 1/2 banana is mixed with wheat germ, the acquisition of a complementary amount of antioxidants and vitamin E.
And a limited number of research indicates that even eating bananas may help in cases of disgust and disgust in the morning pregnancy.

 Yogurt juice with fruits

The ready-made juices on the shelves of the stores contain a large volume of sugar and a small percentage of fruits,
Which makes it not ideal choice throughout pregnancy.
Therefore, it affects making these juices at home using simple-fat yogurt and fresh fruits.
To save on snack foods rich in calcium, protein and other essential nutrients. 

 Breakfast cereal with yogurt and fruits

A small plate of whole breakfast cereals with added low-fat milk and chunks of fresh fruit.
This food contains the abundant amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber present in wholegrain.
In addition to the current calcium in milk, along with the vitamins and antioxidants present in the fruit.

 Mango cubes

A mug of this delightful fruit cut into cubes has just a hundred calories.
As it includes natural sugar next to tissues, vitamins A and C, and some antioxidant cars.
This makes it an ideal snack throughout pregnancy.
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