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Pomegranate peel to eliminate belly fat

Pomegranate peel to eliminate belly fat is one of the most important forms of localized obesity prevalent among women and men

As a result of wrong nutritional norms, lack of movement and lack of exercise, which leaves a negative impact on the external body.


Pomegranate peel to eliminate belly fat

We offer you a natural recipe that quickly eliminates belly fat.



  • A small spoonful of dried 
  • A spoonful of small ginger
  • A small spoon of cinnamon
  • Mint green juicy
  • Green tea
  • 2 cup of water

How: –

Mix ginger, cinnamon and pomegranate peel with water, put them on the stove and leave them to a boil for ten minutes.

Then we remove the mixture from the stove and add mint and green tea to it, and let it cool down slightly.

Then turn it over and halve it, and take it after that, as it requires eating 2 cups every day until you get the best results.


The benefits of pomegranate are not limited to the particles present inside it, except that its outer peel – which is red in color.

On the large number of nutritional compounds beneficial to the health of a person, the issue that few individuals do not realize, and they get rid of them as soon as they eat it.


1- Nafi of the heart

Pomegranate peel contains many antioxidants, which reduce levels of harmful cholesterol in the body.

Especially for potassium, which reduces heart and vascular disease insecurity.


2- Sterilizing the body from toxins

Grind the pomegranate peel and add it to the very hot water, taking care and checking to eat the infused water 3 times every day for a period of ten days.

It can get rid of the toxins accumulated in the body, because it contains many antioxidants.


3- Strengthening immunity

The current vitamin C in the pomegranate peel contributes to strengthening the body’s immune system , which reduces the chances of contracting diseases.

What makes it the best choice for children, pregnant women and the elderly.


4- Eliminate bad breath

Pomegranate peel is distinguished by its antibacterial properties, so it is advised to grind it and use its powder for brushing teeth.

To get rid of bad breath that a limited number of characters suffer from.


5- Sore throat medicine

Pomegranate peel is used as a medicine for tonsillitis and throat and relieves cough, because it contains flavonoids,

One of the antioxidants that fight the bacteria and viruses that cause these health problems.


6- Moisturizing the skin

Pomegranate peel includes ellagic acid, which works on moisturizing skin cells and protecting them from dehydration and damage.

Just as the vitamin C available with it supports the encouragement of the body to release collagen, which plays a role in the medicine for youthful love, and protects the freshness and vitality of the skin.


7- Sun protection

Pomegranate peel acts as a shield to the body from the harmful rays of the sun, which are ultraviolet rays.

This relieves the insecurity of the skin infections and heat stroke upon exposure.


8- Prevention of malignancy

The antioxidants present in pomegranate peel help prevent malignant tumor disease, especially skin malignant disease.

For its ability to fight free radicals that add to the risk of exposure to this incurable disease,

According to some studies that released their findings at the American Society for Metastasis Research Conference.


9- An aging fighter

Little research points to pomegranate peel when used with natural oils.

Supports the blocking of enzymes that reduce collagen levels essential for skin youthfulness,

What contributes to delay the appearance of signs of aging, such as facial wrinkles.


10- It prevents hair loss

Pomegranate peel can be used to combat hair loss.

And eliminate the crust and prevent its emergence, because it contains potassium essential for the development of the process of blood flow carrying oxygen to the fur of the brain.


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