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Pregnancy and how it occurs

Pregnancy and how it occurs

Pregnancy and how it occurs pregnancy test

Hello to visitors of the Health and Beauty Blog, the dream of every married woman becoming a mother, in this article we will learn about pregnancy and how it occurs, when symptoms begin, calculation of pregnancy in detail, proper nutrition throughout pregnancy, methods of testing pregnancy at home, and some problems facing women in days First fits, and ways to avoid these problems to preserve the fetus.


It is everything that the female carries inside the womb from embryos, and grows by the union of two sperm cells, then they are a body cell that grows for a period of nine months in the normal state of pregnancy until the end of his life cycle in the mother’s womb, and in that period his dependence on securing his needs is complete and ready and also taking out His droppings on the mother, until the birth takes place and comes to life, he relies on himself for digesting and taking food.

How pregnancy occurred

How pregnancy occurs, pregnancy can occur in women from puberty until the menstrual cycle is interrupted, which is called a hopeless age. Pregnancy occurs from the meeting of the man’s sperm with the female egg and the success it penetrates into the fallopian tube, which connects the ovary to the uterus, and when the fertilized egg reaches the Below the fallopian tube and implanted in the womb, the fetus begins to grow inside the female uterus, and this means that the pregnancy occurs in three stages, namely ovulation, fertilization, and transplantation.

Pregnancy symptoms

There are multiple symptoms in the first days of pregnancy that may be unclear, and the risks to the fetus should be avoided during the days of its development in the first days in the womb, and we will learn about the early pregnancy width before the menstrual period, and the signs of pregnancy.

Delayed menstruation

Irregular menstruation, late or missed menstruation, are important symptoms of pregnancy known to women, and perhaps irregularity may be satisfactory, such as obesity, ovarian cyst, and when the menstruation is delayed, a pregnancy test must be done and this applies to all symptoms.

Vomiting and nausea It is well known that vomiting and nausea are obvious symptoms of pregnancy, but despite the cause of vomiting and nausea unknown, some doctors will have seen it, due to hormonal disorders, and may terminate the state of vomiting. Nausea in the first months of pregnancy

Fatigue and tiredness

Fatigue fatigue is one of the most important early symptoms of pregnancy. Fatigue and fatigue occurs at the beginning of pregnancy, due to the lack of blood pressure and low blood sugar, which contributes to a feeling of fatigue and a tendency to drowsiness. Here, it requires rest, and eating the right foods rich in protein and iron to overcome On fatigue and exhaustion.

Breast changes

Lack of dormancy in the proportion of hormones, which leads to the occurrence of ossification and swelling in the breast, and this is in the first weeks of pregnancy, after these weeks the hormones return to their normal level, and often it occurs with some mood changes such as feeling depressed, and also the occurrence of bloating, due to the change of hormones.

Colic and vaginal bleeding

This matter occurs at the beginning of pregnancy, especially in the first month of pregnancy, and some cramps often occur in the womb, due to the implantation of the fertilized egg inside the womb.

Correct nutrition during pregnancy

Proper nutrition is important during pregnancy, care must be taken to diversify food to obtain beneficial nutrients, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fatty milk, and protein, as the body prepares for fetal growth, and that proper nutrition develops from the uterine tissue, and promotes the development of The blood, and the diet of women during pregnancy, promotes the health of the fetus and contributes to its stages of development

pregnancy test 

In the beginning, I would like to welcome you. Today we will talk about a topic, which is a continuation of a topic that we previously talked about, which is pregnancy. Here, in this sequel, we will talk about the pregnancy test, how to use the pregnancy test, and when it works, choose the appropriate home pregnancy, that is to help the ladies to find out that there was a pregnancy Whether or not from home, in simple ways to use.

Pregnancy test is of two types

There are two types of pregnancy test, and the first type is by doing an analysis of pregnancy hormones in the urine, and this is the usual method for women, while the second type is through a blood pregnancy test, which is the most accurate that detects the presence of the pregnancy hormone in the blood, and is done through the analysis centers, and this test It is the most correct.

Home pregnancy test and how to use it

This test is available in pharmacies and it has two types, an ordinary type in which the result is cleansed in the form of two parallel lines, while the second digital type cleanses the result with it on its screen, we will learn here how to use the home pregnancy test, and it is when you wake up from sleep, before eating any food or drink, To have a concentrated urine, take drops of urine and place them on the exact location in the strip, clearly on the instruction sheet accompanying the test.

Blood pregnancy test

This test is done by one of the medical analysis laboratories, by taking a blood sample and analyzing it. This test is correct and highly accurate, because the pregnancy hormone appears in the blood after days of fertilization, at least one week after the delay of the menstrual cycle, and it may appear two days late, according to a date Fertility, and this test is the only indication of pregnancy.

The time for carrying out a pregnancy test

At the time of conducting a home pregnancy test, it can take two days after the delay of the menstrual cycle, but doctors advise that it be better after a week has passed since the menstrual period is delayed, so that the result is accurate, as the fertilized egg performs the implantation process, which is the attachment to the endometrium and this process requires a period Formation of the placenta to produce the hormone gonad.

But at the end of this topic tips, for every woman when using a home pregnancy test, you should not use the types of poorly made pregnancy tests, to ensure the correct result of the test to do two separate experiments, the test is done one week after the delay in the menstrual cycle, also the test is taken in the morning and when the result is positive A blood pregnancy test is required.


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