Treating vitamin D deficiency

Treating vitamin D deficiency

Treating vitamin D deficiency

The low presence of vitamin D in recent years has become a common phenomenon affecting many, so what are the methods of its treatment?

Treating vitamin D deficiency

Lately, vitamin D scarcity has become one of the most common health problems, leaving its impact on more than one billion people worldwide.

The argument is likely due to frequent conversation due to the damages of increased exposure to sunlight and its relationship to malignant disease, which led to the exaggeration of using sunscreen creams when going outside under the sun’s rays.

Just as the predominant system of life is in progress, the abundant amount of characters may be forced to spend a long time in the hours of effort and not go outside, resulting in the inability to acquire vitamin D in sufficient quantities and a level below the normal limit necessary for the body to perform its vital functions.

How to prevent a lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is one of the most important vitamins that a person needs, because of its multiple functions and function in arranging many vital processes within the body.

Eliminates the manufacture of vitamin D in the body after exposure to sunlight; So it is often called “sun vitamins”, just as vitamin D can be obtained naturally from a few foods such as whale liver oil, egg yolks and fortified breakfast cereals.

Usually doctors advise to maintain neutral and stable food with daily exposure to sunlight for a period of 15 – one hour during the hours of tomorrow to ensure the body is able to issue its daily need of vitamin D.

How does the treatment of less vitamin D occur in the body?

As there are certain food forms that include vitamin D, it becomes difficult to obtain sufficient rates to adjust this scarcity through a diet only.

Just as long exposure to sunlight may result in tremendous health risks, this is why the doctor resort to the attribute and images of vitamin D supplements has so far lost access to the results of the analyzes and determines the specific amount of the case.

The amount of vitamin D necessary to change the lack of presence in the body depends on the severity of that scarcity and the individual’s health condition determined by the doctor, for example:

In the event that the degree and standard of vitamin D is less than ten ng / boredom, the specified amount of fifty thousand IU per week for an eight-week period, or three doses per week for a period of four weeks, shall be terminated. To ensure that the normal rate is reached (over 30 ng / boredom).

In moderate cases, when the degree and criterion of vitamin D in the blood varies between 11-25 ng / tired, it can be replaced with smaller doses and for shorter periods as determined by the doctor.

In the wake of the modification of rarity in the vitamin D standard and standard, fixing doses of 800-2000 IU repeated daily are required.

Individuals who experience absorption problems may lack higher doses and a longer period of time, as determined by the doctor.

The preference of vitamin D3 supplements over vitamin D2 is usually crossed out; For its effectiveness in increasing the rate of vitamin in the body in a larger manner. In all cases, the implementation of these supplements has to date complete a meal containing a certain amount of fat. Due to the increase in the absorption ratio.

Warning against the use of vitamin D supplements

Here it is necessary to note that eating vitamin D supplements without consulting a doctor, therefore, the possibility of dangerous interactions with a group of drugs.

Just as this is more likely to cause the vitamin D rate to be boosted than the permissible limit, which results in a health problem known as hypervitamin D that causes calcium to accumulate in the various body fibers, which causes problems in the heart, lungs, kidney stones or increased blood pressure.

Complications of a reduced presence of vitamin D.

The low presence of vitamin D is usually related to lower body immunity, which causes frequent bouts of colds and respiratory diseases, as is the cause of bone pain, general fatigue and other health symptoms.


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