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What are the benefits of onions

What are the benefits of onionsFreckles and its causes And how to treat itFreckles and its causes And how to treat it

The benefits of onions will encourage you to eat it

Onion is one of the most popular vegetables, in addition to its refreshing taste, it possesses a myriad of inherent health benefits.

Onion benefits will encourage you to eat it

The magic of onions not only lies in their refreshing and stimulating taste, as the benefits of onions include the large number of chemicals and minerals that are very important for the health of the body. Onions contain a particularly heavy amount of vitamin C, dietary fiber and folic acid. In addition to this, it remains in the onions iron, calcium and high-quality proteins.

Miscellaneous onions privileges

One of the most common advantages of onions is that they contain volumes of antioxidants, Quercetin and flavonoids, which contribute to the inhibition or slowdown of cell and tissue damage in the body. Research has shown that the quercetin present in onions is involved in eliminating free radicals in the body, just as it inhibits oxidative activity related to atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease. Onions also include vitamin E, which is a solid inverted antioxidant in itself, which neutralizes the harmful effect of minerals in the blood. There are other sources of quercetin other than onions, which are apples and tea. However, recent research in the Netherlands showed that quercetin, which comes from onions, is written off twice as much in the body as it is in the tea, and even three times that of the present in apples.

Advantages of onions and cholesterol

Onions include chromium, which reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in the blood and increases HDL levels, thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, exaggeration of blood pressure and atherosclerosis. Later, onions participate in blood thinning and dissolving blood clots.

Benefits of onions and diabetes

Onions include sulfur cars that add to insulin levels in the blood and reduce the amount of sugar in it. Onions in the onion are involved in protecting and maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Thanks to these features, onions have become an essential element in the nutritional pattern of diabetics.

The benefit of onions in strengthening the immune system

Onions have been used as a natural antibiotic for many years, since onions are publicly known for their ability to fit with intestinal worms, various viruses, colds caused by infections in the respiratory tract, coughs and germs, such as salmonella, cholera and others. Also, onions may reduce asthma, and reduce swelling from arthritis. Just as it is advised to eat onions to treat exorbitant phlegm and hoarseness.

Vitamins in onions

There are enough natural heterogeneous minerals present in onions, just as it contains an abundant amount of vitamins. Onion, as previously reported, contains overwhelming amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Beta-Carotene and even Vitamin K. All of these vitamins are characterized by many health privileges that strengthen the immune system, as they participate in the prevention of a variety of diseases, except that they provide the body with vital energy.

Advantages of onions from an alternative medicine perspective

Onions have different uses in the field of natural medicine. Many of them have also been proven in medical research from the West. Onion is introduced into the vicinity of natural medicine as a treatment for colds, hoarseness and irritating coughs, when combined with honey. In addition to this, onions are used to treat hemorrhoids, irritate the skin and even promote sexual ability and libido. It provides advice in alternative medicine and medicine in the West, in the same degree, to diversify the rate of possibility and include green, white, yellow and purple onions in the list of sustenance, as each category is distinguished by differentiated benefits related to the contrasting color compounds in that wonderful herb.

Onion research

Various scientific research has shown that consuming onions can be useful in reducing the risk of developing various diseases. Onions may block gastric ulcers by reducing free radicals and microorganisms that cause damage to the stomach wall. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have found that onion consumption may block platelet aggregation related to atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and stroke. Education at the school, which was conducted at the University of Bern in Switzerland recently, showed that consumption of one gram of dry onions per day for a period of four weeks increased the bone abundance in mice by an average of 17% more than animals that followed a normal diet. The researchers concluded from these data that consuming onions can alleviate osteoporosis.

Other concessions onions:

Reducing excessive blood pressure, harmful cholesterol, and strengthening heart health,

And the prohibition of blood clots, atherosclerosis, as well as the prohibition of platelet aggregation

Reducing the severity of inflammations in the blood vessels, and arthritis pain; Because it contains quercetin

Minimizing trauma with various malignant diseases, as it works as a substance

Quercetin as an anti-cancer cell, and it prohibits its growth, because it is involved in eliminating free radicals.

Removing toxins from the body, and helping the liver eliminate toxins accumulated in the blood; It contains amino acids

Revising the digestion process, and the rise of the development of purposeful bacteria in the intestine, in addition to preventing trauma with stomach ulcers

Arrange blood sugar, and reduce high blood sugar, by activating the pancreas that produces insulin

Revision of bone health, exaggeration of its density, and the criminalization of its breaking, especially among individuals of old age.

Opening appetite, thereby increasing the weight of individuals who suffer from excessive beekeeping.

Contributing to the medicine for tuberculosis and blood flow.

Facilitating joint fracture healing and wound healing.

Sterilization of the mouth, and forbidding the increase of bacteria inside it, and thus freeing it from bad smell.

Asthma, whooping cough, colds, and flu.

Prohibition of stones in the kidneys.

Strengthening the immune system, and preventing trauma with the infections caused by germs and bacteria.

Prostate medicine in men.

Participation in the medicine for rheumatic diseases affecting bones and joints.

A medicine for youthful pimples, pimples, and impurities that appear on the skin.

Melting the accumulated fat in the body, and then reducing weight.

Eliminate white water in the eyes.

Upgrade the health of the head, and criminalize its damage, thereby increasing the ability to care.


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